Thursday, May 27, 2010

Record Journal column

yesterday there was a guest column in the Ferndale Record Journal about the garden and since their site is under constuction ...i post it here....

Friendship Community Garden

The Friendship Community Garden is starting the 3rd year of production. It is located on Ferndale Road, south of Pioneer Park just past the parking lot and in front of the Bergsma House. I encourage folks to come and have a look. Progress is also being documented in pictures and video at

The garden is off to a great start this year with a newly planted apple orchard and the addition of a greenhouse. We have had a cool spring so hopefully the greenhouse will help jump start some of the plantings.

In the fall of 2007 volunteers from Alcoa helped get the plots ready to plant. During the first year, youth from around Whatcom County, participating in the WorkSource career camp program, helped construct the garden’s pavilion. Volunteers constructed a garden shed for tools and supplies on site. Many businesses have donated materials and citizens have donated time to make this beautiful garden happen.

A 7 ft tall metal centipede sculpture watches over the garden. It was purchased from the Bellingham Technical College’s 2007 Welding Rodeo, donated to the school and came to live in the garden. The garden also received a great new sculpture last year from Gary Pavone, a Ferndale High School student working as an intern through WorkSource.

Last year the giving garden, planted specifically for the Ferndale Food bank, provided 1124 pounds of fresh food to the food bank. Ten families planted a cornfield and potatoes, in addition to their plots. They realized 134 ears of corn and 30 lbs of potatoes per family.

Garden education workshops and demonstrations have been taught by Master Gardeners. I had the pleasure of attending one last year, with kids from the Boys and Girls Club, as they learned about worm composting with “hands on” creation of worm bins.

To inquire about garden plots or volunteer opportunities contact Gloria Perez at: (updated 2011)

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