Sunday, March 18, 2012

A great work party!!!

The work party was so well attended and the garden work was done in short order! Thanks to all who participated!
and to quote Gloria....

“Saturday, despite the cold and rain, 40 students, parents and Alcoa employees were at the garden working. The cover crop in ALL beds has been turned under. Wood chips are in place around the perimeters of the deer fence, inside and outside and the remainder spread over the paths, there are peas planted in the Giving Garden, AND, I don't think you could find even one weed! The garden looks great; we are off to a good start for spring planting. Thank you Guy Occhiogrosso for coming by to let the workers know how much we appreciated their work at the garden.”
Gloria J. Perez
FFCG Coordinator

Spring (almost) work party

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